About Us

Law Courts Limited (LCL) is an unlisted public company, limited by guarantee. LCL’s operations are jointly funded by the Commonwealth and NSW Governments through their respective Attorneys-General.

Ownership is vested in 8 Members, 4 each appointed by the Commonwealth and NSW Attorneys-General. All Members are officers of the Commonwealth and NSW Public Service respectively.

Management of LCL is through a Board of 6 Directors, 3 each appointed by the Commonwealth and NSW Attorneys-General. The Board meets monthly and all Directors are also Company Secretaries. Each Director has a designated Alternate Director, also appointed by the Commonwealth or NSW Attorney-General.

Full details of LCL’s structure and operations are set out in its Constitution.

LCL provides a General Purpose Financial Report to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) each year.

Management of the Law Courts building is contracted to BGIS, who provide the on-site Building Management.

Other primary contractors to the Law Courts building are:-

Security Australian Security and Protection
Maintenance Spotless Property and Facilities
Cleaning Ezko Property Services