The Law Courts building opened in 1977 and operated for more than 30 years without a Life Cycle program or any substantial upgrading. In 2004 the Commonwealth and NSW Governments allocated capital funding to allow for:

A Master Plan was developed during 2004/2005 and some early works were carried out in 2005 and 2006. Major construction activities commenced in 2007 and continued until late 2013. Some further minor works were completed during calendar 2014. An extended program was necessary due to the need for the Courts to continue to conduct their normal business whilst construction work took place. Much of the construction work was undertaken on weekends or overnight.

Crown Project Services operated as Project Managers for the Refurbishment from 2005 to 2014.

Architects for the project were GSA + Hassell (joint venture), supported by the following primary consultants:-

Mechanical, Lifts Jacobs
Electrical, Hydraulic Meinhardt
Structural TTW
Fire Defire
Quantity Surveyor Aquenta Consulting
Private Certifying Authority McKenzie Group

The Development Application for the Refurbishment was approved by the Council for the City of Sydney in August 2007 (Ref. D/2007/933). Plans may be viewed at Council.

A significant milestone occurred on 31 January 2012 when the refurbished Ground Floor Lobby was officially re-opened by the Commonwealth and NSW Attorneys General. Selected photographs from this event can be viewed here.